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Elevating RV Travel: Our Dedication to Quality and Service at Roadshark RV Rentals

April 12, 20214 min read

Have you ever wanted to take a fun road trip with all your home comforts just a step away? An RV, or a Recreational Vehicle, makes this dream come true! It's like a home you can drive, perfect for those exciting adventures on the open road.

However, a crucial point that travelers often overlook is the variance in quality among RV rental companies. Some of these businesses prioritize mass, often overlooking the essence of quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. The reality of hastily prepared RVs, with potential suspension, electrical or water damage, makes the trip less of an adventure and more of a hazard.

At Roadshark RV Rentals, we follow a different doctrine. We believe in 'Quality over Quantity.' We have made a commitment to ourselves and our valued customers - we would rather provide fewer but top-notch, safe, and customer-centric RVs than a fleet of substandard motorhomes.

This article is an insight into our unique approach, dedication to service, and our constant endeavor to provide a top-tier experience for our valued travelers. We'll reveal what sets us apart in this industry and how we tailor our services to ensure every adventure is memorable, safe, and filled with the comfort of home. Buckle up and join us as we delve into the Roadshark difference.

Venturing into the RV rental market can often seem daunting. The landscape is vast, and despite the abundance of options, finding the perfect match can be a tough task. Several established names, including Cruise America, El Monte RV, Outdoorsy, and RVshare, have a firm footing in this industry, but their operations vary significantly.

Cruise America manufactures its own RVs. Their focus, however, seems to be on speedily launching RVs into the market, often at the expense of quality. Consequently, a considerable number of their RVs are plagued by serious issues like electrical and water damage - factors that no traveler can afford to overlook in terms of safety and reliability.

In contrast, El Monte RV's approach is more traditional. They buy newer RVs in bulk, thus widening their selection. However, this also results in their fleet comprising of mass-produced, commonplace models, lacking in character and specific quality controls.

Recently, platforms like Outdoorsy and RVshare have emerged, employing a peer-to-peer business model akin to Airbnb. While this concept is innovative and offers a plethora of choices, it carries its own set of challenges. Renting from individual RV owners, who often engage in this business as a hobby, may mean a lack of comprehensive resources and expert knowledge that dedicated rental companies typically offer.

Navigating these options can leave travelers caught between a rock and a hard place, grappling with trade-offs between quantity and quality. But should it really be this way? At Roadshark RV Rentals, we firmly believe the answer is 'No.' Our mission is to bridge this gap, offering a service that marries quality and customer experience seamlessly.

Here at Roadshark RV Rentals, we are setting a new standard in the industry by infusing an ethos of quality and customer-centered approach in our operations. Unlike the conventional methods, we put a meticulous focus on every detail of our business from procurement to maintenance, with the sole aim of delivering a superior RV experience to our clients.

Our fleet exclusively comprises Class C Winnebago View RVs, celebrated for their exceptional build and convenience. However, securing these sought-after models is not an overnight affair. We place orders well over a year in advance. This wait is not just about obtaining the RVs; it's a testament to our commitment to quality over speed, a practice seemingly rare in the industry.

But our attention to quality and detail doesn't end there. Upon receiving the RVs, we take several steps to further enhance their performance and safety. This includes installing upgraded suspension parts for improved ride quality and handling, as well as integrating lithium batteries for greater energy efficiency and fully equipping the interior. These enhancements ensure our RVs stand a cut above the rest, underpinning a smooth, safe, and memorable journey for our customers.

Furthermore, we invest significantly in the regular upkeep of our RVs. Maintenance is not an afterthought for us; it's a fundamental part of our operations. We understand that the peace of mind of our renters rests largely on the reliability of our RVs, and we spare no effort to ensure they are in prime condition for every trip.

Lastly, our devotion to offering an unparalleled customer experience sets us apart. We are not just another rental company; we see ourselves as travel partners for our customers. We take pride in our detailed orientation and round-the-clock support, always available to assist our renters and enhance their journey.

At Roadshark RV Rentals, we're not interested in blending into the crowd. We aim to redefine the RV rental experience by prioritizing quality, safety, and customer satisfaction above all else. It's this ethos that makes us different, that makes us better. It's the Roadshark Difference.

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